Video Library - How To Play

The following videos provide a useful resource to get to grips with the four key game mechanics of Delta One Zero, as well as a play through, fully narrated battle report.

In addition, we have two specific videos relating to examples of play; one on the Covering Fire Order, highlighting some of the benefits and also an example of the brutal Close Quarters Battle Action.

Finally, there are two beginners guide painting videos, one on painting camouflage and the second on how a NEB Spetsnaz was painted.


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D1Z Mechanics 01 Reference Cards
D1Z Mechanics 02 Order Generator
D1Z Mechanics 03 Wound Cards
D1Z Mechanics 04 Tactical Cards
D1Z Gameplay Introduction - Battle Report
D1Z Deep Dive 01 Cover Fire 1080
D1Z DEEP DIVE 02 Close quarters battle
Painting D1Z For Beginners - Spetsnaz
Painting D1Z for beginners - camo